During your stay at The Windsor Hotel, we encourage you to explore the Del Norte area and these local businesses.

Three Barrel Brewing Co.


One of Colorado’s smallest micobreweries, makes its home in Del Norte, Colorado (7,834 ft). Established in 2005, copper-clad Price-Shonstrum Vessels help create artisan crafted brews produced from San Luis Valley grown malt, hops, honey and fresh mountain water. Visit Website

Wild West Wine & Spirits


Wild West Wine & Spirits is a full service liquor store selling wine, beer, spirits and more! We offer a large selection of popular and local beer and wines.

Sutcliffe Vineyards

Twenty two years ago, on a whim, we planted the first two acres of vines. With untrained eyes we watched as they faltered, some even failed, others recovered, but eventually most of them prospered. Only in winemaking does one control a process from the very planting of the vines to the drinking of the wine. Once in the ground they must be nurtured, trained and pruned: the grapes are picked, pressed and fermented and finally the brilliant, shimmering product is bottled, corked and labelled. It is a magical combination of husbandry, taste, art and industry. In our isolated, exquisite McElmo Canyon, we simply point out that we grow wine. The way wine has been grown for millennia. Visit Website

Wildwood Sounds


A high quality concert series is an asset to any community. WildwoodSounds is dedicated to bringing musical acts and classes from around the world. WildwoodSounds features a small cozy room with comfortable seating, great acoustics and atmosphere. Visit Website