Recently I was asked the question, “Why do some wines cost much more than others, and are those wines really worth the price?”  There are an incredible number of factors that go into the price for wine.  One of the main factors for the price of wine is where the wine is from.  With most wines, the more specific the place, the more expensive.  For instance, in France you can buy regional wines that are less expensive because they use grapes from all over the region where the wine is produced.  Then, you can buy village wines, which are a bit more expensive because the grapes are from that specific village.  Generally, the most expensive wines from a region will be from a specific vineyard that has been recognized for where the best grapes are grown.  Another main factor in wine pricing is wine production.  Most of the very expensive wines in the world have very small productions, which drive up demand, and thus, price.  The winemakers themselves are a huge factor in the price of a wine.  If a winemaker has been recognized as a great winemaker, the wines they make will generally be more expensive than those of a lesser known winemaker.  In general, I say the more expensive the wine, the more complexity it has.  I love to find wines that are delicious and reasonable to put on my list here at The Windsor. However, I also have those wines that you might pay more for and you will be able to tell why.  There have been wines that I have tasted in the past that completely transport me to a different place, and really make you think about what you are tasting. I have had emotional reactions to wine too.  Mainly, I wanted to weep, because the wine was so delicious, refreshing, and complex;  I had a hard time wrapping my head around what I was tasting.  These are generally the wines that are very expensive.

With Wine Down Wednesday’s in full swing here at The Windsor, come in on a Wednesday and try that bottle that you have been eying for 50% off.  You might find you also have an emotional connection to wine.  Cheers!

by Kodi Whitehead – Windsor House Sommelier/ Owner