This week I hosted a wine tasting for some wonderful people in our community who are donating their time to a fund raiser to raise money for the Center for Restorative Programs.  While tasting, a wonderful term came up, “porch wine”.  I love this term, and being summer is upon us and the weather is warm, it is time to break out these “porch wines”.

What do I mean by this term?  A porch wine to me is something you can enjoy on a hot summer day sitting on your porch or in your back yard and the wine being incredibly refreshing, light, and sessional (not too high in alcohol).  Here are some of my favorite “porch wines” to look for this summer.  Rose- I have preached how amazing rose is and how much I love it, and summer is rose season.  Rose wine has had its reputation hurt because of the emergence of white zinfandel, the sweet, flavorless wine made by mass producing wineries in the US.  The rose I’m talking about is the dry, pink wine originating in the south of France, but now made all over the world.  Rose is incredibly enjoyable to drink and refreshing in these warm months, and also goes great with food, especially cheese!  Riesling- Riesling is one of those grapes varietals us wine geeks absolutely love, mainly because the wine is so refreshing.  There are many types of Riesling, which can range from sweet to dry.  I personally love a dry to semi-sweet Riesling while outside during the summer.  Also, Riesling is one of the best food pairing wines because it can basically compliment anything you choose to eat.  My favorite is Riesling and Chinese food, a match made in heaven!  Sauvignon Blanc- Some Sauvignon Blanc’s can be more medium to full bodied and not great for summer.  The Sauvignon Blanc’s I love during the summer come from the Loire Valley of France from a village called Sancerre.  These wines are incredibly crisp and clean with beautiful minerality.  Because of this I love these wines with seafood.  Pinot Noir- I do not normally think of red wine when it comes to warm months because of the tannins, but there are some really great red wines you can drink outside on a hot summer day and be very satisfied.  Pinot Noir is one of my favorites mainly because of how light the body of the wine usually is.  When choosing a Pinot Noir for outdoor consumption, I usually stick to wines from cooler climates (Oregon, Burgundy, and some California) because the body of the wine will be lighter.  I love Pinot Noir with Charcuterie, and most of all I love Pinot Noir with chocolate.  The chocolate really brings out the wonderful fruit qualities in the wine.  Hopefully these tips will help you on the way to summer refreshment!  Cheers!

by Kodi Whitehead – Windsor House Sommelier/ Owner