Now that summer is finally here, I am really in the mood for fresh produce.  And June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!  So it seems fitting to toss together a salad that has both!

Basically this salad was created using some of my favorite fruits and veggies, chopping them up, adding a citrus-y-vinaigrette and BOOM! Not complicated, but so yummy!  It was really good with just the fruits and veggies but then I had the idea to add sunflower seeds for a little nuttiness (even though we’re all a little nutty around here anyway, hah!) and some fresh basil and mint. That made it great! 

Note, however, that the leftovers were a little disappointing.  Conclusion: This salad is better if eaten the same day it is made. This can be a bit tough during the week since there is a lot of chopping involved.  I don’t know about you, but I am not in the mood to do a lot of chopping after a long day at work. You could opt to chop everything and keep it stored separate and mix it last minute. You could also spoon your desired serving into a lettuce cup and drizzle the dressing on top, add strips of fresh basil and mint on top.


2 med cucumbers

5 strawberries

1 c grapes

1 sm red pepper

8-10 basil leaves

5-6  mint leaves

2 T olive oil

2.5 T lime juice

1/2 t salt

2-3 t sunflower seeds

Chop or slice all fruit and veg to your liking and toss with remaining ingredients. Go! Get after it! It’s National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

-by Regan Briggs, Executive Chef at The Windsor Hotel