This week I had the chance to visit a winery in Denver called Infinite Monkey Theorem.  These guys source a good percentage of their grapes from Colorado, and call themselves an “urban winery” being they are located in the heart of Denver.  I was very impressed with their wines, and equally impressed with how cutting edge they are with a couple of different things.  First, they are starting to can their wine, all of which is sparkling.  They can a Riesling, a Rose, and a Syrah (all of which are delicious for the “wine drinker on the go”).  Second, they are also big into kegged wine, which can keep the wine fresh for longer and cut down on waste.   I have some of their wines in so we can all enjoy them.  Check out their website at  Cheers!
by Kodi Whitehead – Windsor House Sommelier/ Owner