Happy Fourth Anniversary from the Windsor!

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Dear Friends,
 It is with great pleasure that we announce our fourth year of management at The Windsor Hotel & Dining Room.  We are continuously humbled by all of you who have supported our business, as well as the beautiful and historic building within which we operate.  We were given a wonderful opportunity to share our passion with guests, and from those who live down the street-to those who live overseas; it has been our pleasure.  Our creativeness is not only enhanced by your enthusiasm, it instills in us a craving to give you more! I would be remiss if we did not applaud our staff as well for encompassing our passion, and making it their own.  Our Windsor team is so grateful for the many relationships we have made and developed over these wonderful four years.  It is our turn, our honor, to raise a glass to all of you who have made our tenure such a wonderful one.  We do hope to have you back soon, and we thank you.
by Kevin Haas -Master Bartender at the Windsor/Owner