Hello All!

I’ve been remiss in introducing you all to some very eclectic Colorado distilled spirits as of late-so today that ends.

This adventure takes us to Buena Vista, and Deerhammer Distillery.  Established in 2010, Owners Amy and Lenny have built quite the reputation in crafting some very unique spirits.  Two of which are permanent members of our backbar here at the Windsor, and quite the addition at that.  Firstly, the American Single Malt Whiskey-a “porter-style 100% malted barley whiskey…” is “…shaped by open-air fermentation and double distillation through direct-fire copper pot stills.”. We truly love this unique spirit; It’s dry chocolate finish, spicy body, and caramel orange palate, makes this a wonderful after dinner sipper.  They also make an appearance with their Dutch Style Gin.  Many of you may not know that Gin actually originates from Holland, and like Bourbon, or Champagne , has a strict AOC established in 2008 making Genever protected by law.  This gin is distilled with a “malt wine” base as opposed to a neutral spirit base.  This adds to the character of the gin, and lends a Whiskey-esque base flavor profile.  It is then infused with 15 botanicals, rounding out it’s unique palate.  We love mixing a fresh gimlet with the gin which, in our minds, gives the existing profile a tart spotlight! If you are ever in Buena Vista look them up, if they’re not out enjoying the Colorado that we all know and love, they’d be happy to talk to you about their other passion…distilling!

Happy summer!

by Kevin Haas -Master Bartender at the Windsor/Owner