This week we had the pleasure of hosting Colorado Common Cidery from Colorado Springs, here at The Windsor.  Colorado Common was founded a little over a year ago by Matt Bonno and Katie Murray, a couple who moved to Colorado Springs from Florida, with a passion for making cider.  Now, when I say cider, I am talking about the apple based beverage with alcohol.  We were incredibly impressed with the ciders Matt and Katie have to offer.  They use multiple types of apples to get the flavor components they are seeking, and press each apple by hand.  They also infuse some of their ciders with different botanicals (hops, ginger, elderflower), that give each different cider a truly unique flavor.  Like beer and wine, ciders pair incredibly well with food.  Think about a beautiful grilled pork chop paired with a semi-dry cider; Delicious!  I, personally, am incredibly excited to enjoy these ciders this summer during the warm weather. We will be featuring these ciders in the courtyard with our live music on Fridays as well as on our beverage menu.  Look for these ciders to be available sometime next week.  I hope you are as excited as I am.  Cheers!

by Kodi Whitehead – Windsor House Sommelier/ Owner