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Enjoy Your Favorite Cocktails in Nature!

So, I officially have spring fever.  I fought it off as long as humanly possible-alas, I have succumb.  All I want to do is camp, fish, and drink cocktails by the fire.  And because I want you to do the same, lets talk about bottled cocktails this go around.  Of course the purist's are lifting [...]

Enjoy Your Favorite Cocktails in Nature!2017-04-14T21:45:00-06:00

Sharpening Your Knives with Honing Steel

The last step to keeping your knives sharp between uses. What you'll need... -honing steel -flat surface -chef’s knife -dish towel -fresh tomato (or a piece of paper) Steady the honing steel Holding the handle of your honing steel, point the steel straight down and rest its tip on a countertop or another secure, flat [...]

Sharpening Your Knives with Honing Steel2017-04-02T15:29:03-06:00

Warmer Weather? Pick The Right Wine!

Spring is upon us, time to get outside and drink........wine?  Yes, absolutely that's the case, but I'm not talking about a big, full, tannic red (even though a big red wine will be perfect with those steaks on the grill), but I'm talking about light, refreshing, warm weather wine.  Light crisp white wines like Sauvignon [...]

Warmer Weather? Pick The Right Wine!2017-03-18T23:47:40-06:00

Corte alla Flora Wine Pairing ’17

We are pleased to welcome Corte alla Flora Winery for our wine pairing dinner this Saturday.  Corte alla Flora is an amazing winery in Tuscany, Italy.  Tuscan wines are considered by many to be some of the best wines made in all of Italy.  Most of you probably know some about Tuscan wines because the [...]

Corte alla Flora Wine Pairing ’172022-04-13T13:09:37-06:00

Sharpening Your Knives with Stone

Step 1. Selecting the proper coarseness for your bench stone is an important first step in sharpening your knife. Not every knife needs to start at the coarsest stone you have, on the other hand a very dull knife can not be sharpened on only your finest stone. Starting with the proper coarseness will ensure that [...]

Sharpening Your Knives with Stone2022-04-13T13:09:37-06:00

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Don't miss Colorado's newest scenic train, offering steam engine rides through breathtaking mountain valleys and passes on hundreds of miles of historic rail. Colorado trains make great vacation ideas, and visitors will find lots of fun things to do in the heart of the San Luis Valley. Learn More > [...]

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad2022-04-13T13:09:37-06:00
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